Planeary Adventures

August 2011

The group comes to port at Gloomwrought, where they speak with Imelda, the hunchbacked dock master and arrange dockage for their ship, “The Good Egg” for a few days.

As they explored a nearby market, The Egg was snatched by Lore. This triggered a battle with the Deathless Watch. Afterwards, Lore revealed that he had been pressed into service by a cult – if he delivers The Egg, he will be allowed to leave with his family.

Meanwhile, Simeth found his way to The Red Door. The Red Door (owned by Kryssa) serves as a lure for wary travellers, who are then brainwashed into the cult of the Parhok. Simeth was captured and taken to their temple.

Sonli’in was able to psychically contact Simeth, just as Simeth was kidnapped.

With Lore as their guide, the group travelled to the cult’s hidden temple, just as the brainwashing ritual had begun…

Nightcloak’s ghost has also been attracted to the cult; he is mentally confused, but dangerous…



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