Planeary Adventures

Early April 2011

Level 9, Treasure to each character: 5240 gold

The dungeon is the foothold of an invasion force from the Far Realm. The Parhok are returning, and their allies are already in Ebullio.

The adventurers see a room with devils and cultists, led by a Gaj mindhunter from the Far Realm.

Inside the pit are Fungus covered Zain-kin are in the pit; they are tired, near death. They have been captured from the Quarry border and are to be used to power portal, further in the dungeon.

Shortly after the battle, Trilleste, the hag comes up behind them. She is defeated and disgraced, so she offers to exchange information and to act as a guide. Her offer is genuine though also no altruistic in the least. She believes that the adventurers are her best chance at survival.

Simeth executed the fungus covered Zain-kin who were trapped in the pit.

Deeper (“Blood Soaked Gate”) is the boss of the operation, Gloish, a beholder and many of his assistants from the 9 Hells. They have just fed the portal as the heroes enter.

He is allied with the Parhok and shares their impulses for domination. He is in a chamber above as the encounter begins and drifts down through the hole on his initiative.



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