Planeary Adventures

June 2011

10.5 – last until Paragon! Treasure was already awarded during previous battle.

Fade in: Westfall has changed and grown quickly. Refugees from all across Aahz have come, as well as support from various places. The main army has discovered a weakness in Matriarch City, leaving only a minimal guard presence.

In revenge for the recent humiliation, Mouringlar has joined with Nighcloak to hire Beren in order to march upon Westfall. The goal is to destroy the city and, hopefully draw out the heroes.

Skill Challenge to escape lost Parhok city, get information on the Fey / Hundred Acre Woods pocket, then travel to Westfall.

An ancient Parhok wizard pulled a piece of Staima’s realm into the Underdark for unknown reasons (to drain its energy); a glowing light shines above, very much like ‘shines’ above the Lost City.

Go to pool, get key. Tapestry, use key to open final door, use lever in spriggans room to open pass to final room.

Heroes got to Westfall in time to fight Mouringlar and Nightcloak. Simeth and Mouringlar were killed. Nightcloak’s mind has been destroyed, and his body was made a thrall of Sonliin.



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