Planeary Adventures

March 2011

3800 gold to start, level 8.5

The Ruby Tower and Silverwood have been taken by Zain-kin forces. Word drifts through, however, that the armies paused before entering the cities for unknown reasons. There seemed to be some confusion in their ranks.

Special Forces Strike force
Disrupt supply lines / destroy or commandeer the portal magic
Return with reconnaissance
Assassinate Dragora, Mouringlar / leadership

Dareth’s briefing:

They’re going to have to sneak in, special forces style. Take the objective, use it to enter the dungeon.
We will drop you inside the Quarry, proceed to the old area; we believe that it is not controlled by Verbreen; we don’t know why or what you’ll encounter.

Shadar-Kai ship drops them and will return once per week for pick-up, for two months or until success or word of their deaths.

PCs are dropped off in a mountainous portion of the Quarry, far from Verbreen’s home.

Small bands of demons and gnolls can be seen in the distance, but this area is oddly quiet; they detect smoke from a fireplace.

Inside is Trilleste the hag. She knows the secret entrance word for the dungeon – it is ‘submit’ in Supernal; she also knows a bit about the devilish cult that is forming, including ‘the bug from far away’ the ‘screaming bear stolen from Staima’ and ‘my master Gloish who will transform Ebullio into the 10th Hell’ using the ancient Parhok portal to summon more allies.

The heroes fought and killed an owlbear and flaming skulls.

3800 gold at end



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