Planeary Adventures

October 2011

The group has been instructed by Staima to destroy Acererak’s Shadow Engine, which can be found in Moil.

They returned to Gloomwrought and found a teleportation circle into the city. Upon entering they were attacked by zombies.

After further exploration, they found a teleportation circle with warding magic. As they worked to deactivate it, they were attacked by Moil’s Tortured Visage.

Drale was killed while saving Simeth, but the rest of the group escaped and teleported to the pocket realm of Acererak.

Once inside the Shadow Tomb, they met Firk, a cleric from a party who had traveled their only weeks before. He led the group deeper, until they found the object of their quest: The Shadow Engine.

When they attempted to manipulate the machine, a construct of Acererak appeared.

Roll initiative.



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