Planeary Adventures

January 2011

Dungeons and Dragons Outline
Level 7.5: 1/22/2011

The party is huddled in Mr. Fromel’s house; Elwind the Matriarch is unconscious, Goshi disappears occasionally to observe where he left his lost friends

A mercenary force appears, guided by Gweneth the dragonborn. They are in the employ of the Resistance.

[[Mr. Fromel]] thinks that with Prithen and Son liin’s help, he can awaken the Matriarch.

One group leaves for Westfall, the other for the capital.
Prisoners are taken to Domastrus
Sneak in, rescue them, fight Domastrus
The main force is on the march, leaving the capital largely undefended. Intel suggests Domastrus himself is monitoring the activities around the Ruby Tower. This is incorrect.

Towns are willingly joining the Zain-kin

When the PCs enter the throne room, the gnomes reveal themselves shyly. ‘they hate Domastrus and everything he’s done to their people’ – but no! they’re bluffing, and hope to convince the PCs to stand in the area near the frozen prisoners. They then activate the gas trap and everyone attacks. (SURPRISE!)

Mercenary Group
Guided by Tikki
Sir Conlin
Shadar-kai – Shred
Zildun – Githzerai
Half-elf – Varis the leader

Vichy and Bootay were gnomes from Whywhy in league with the Zain-kin.

Lorne is reported to be a fairly friendly Zain-kin guard in the Matriarch’s Capitol

Value of treasure awarded to each character for level 7: 5167 gold



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