Dwarven Warlord


Drale Tallaxe served as a captain of one of the mercenary teams working for the Zain-kin. Early in the days of the invasion, Drale’s loyalties were only to those that served beneath him and the Zain-kin’s military ways seemed to offer few troubles for Drale’s moral compass. However, as time passed, he began to measure things differently. At the same time, what once was a tight-knit group under his command began to become a set of casual acquaintances with disparate goals. Eventually he found that he could not abide the Zain-kin and knew it was time to do something; it was only a matter of finding the best opportunity.

While preparing the defense of Westfall against a group of Shadar-kai raiders, Drale was appointed by Dareth Lorgan as a deputy. While a relative newcomer to that community, he is viewed as a notable village leader as a result of that day.


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