A skulking halfling dressed in dirty leathers, wearing a mongoose mask...


Tikki comes from a clan of halflings who ply the rivers Ebullio. Loosely allied with the halflings who follow Clintok, the Riverfolk’s ways are more traditional to the small folk. One convention shared between the two groups is the wearing of masks, although the reason behind the custom is disputed even among the most learned.

Tikki’s family were hunters, and she was raised to stalk and kill the giant river snakes that made their nests by the water. As she grew, so did her talent, until she became the pride of the clan. She took the mask of the mongoose, as a boast of her prowess, but not long after did her pride nearly kill her.

She was hunting a great serpent, when she was bitten by its mate. Although her clansmen found her before she could be devoured, she lingered in torpor for two weeks before waking. She was delirious for another week still, speaking to spirits that were not there.

When her senses returned, she struck out on her own, following a vision from her fever dreams, of an underground city sprawling at the feet of a ziggurat. She will know it by the five dragons that watch over it.


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