Planeary Adventures

November 2010

Dungeons and Dragons Outline
Level 6.5: 11/20/2010

For the last few months, our heroes have waged a guerilla war against the Zain-kin

Gradually, as news of the heroes success travels, their allies increase. Towns and enclaves have adopted the symbol of alliance: a Zain-kin head or skull on a pike.

Message to meet Staima on the border of her land, near Ebullio, where the Forest meets the Quarry.

PCs come upon Overlook, a pitiful Dragonborn village being assaulted by the Warden, et al

The Gnoll shows signs of the fungus and has a brute related Lady of Decay encounter power.

After the battle, Mister Fromell exits one of the huts. He reveals that “Staima” is nearby, a few miles away. A young green dragon is there and meets with the PCs. She reveals that a key strategic location of Verbreen (The Lady of Decay) has been left undefended. If they hurry, they can destroy it. Mr. Fromell leads them to near the cavern, then returns to the village.

It is not undefended, and she really wants them to attack it – not as a suicide mission, but because it threatens her kingdom and she believes them up to the task.

Flopbottom – Halfling village; vulnerable, not interested in revolt at the moment.

Whywhy – Gnome village – moderately oppressed

Lagrange – Gnome village – heavily oppressed

A total of 18800 gold was distributed during the session. 9400 before and 9400 after.

September 12 DM Session Notes

Encountered in the ancient Parhock way-station inverted zigurat room:

One devious and often invisible imp 12 decrepit skeletons 1 Gelatinous Cube 1 swarm of needlefang drakes

The group then passed through a tunnel and over an underground river, where they were further harassed by the imp. After bashing their way through two secret doors, they tripped and safely avoided a rolling stone trap before travelling through a portal into an underground swamp.

In the swamp, they encountered a shimmering boa, which swallowed Sigelsis before being killed by Anafos and Dent. The group later encountered a vine creature shaped like a Zain-Kin. It was eventually driven off, into the swamp’s deep, dark waters.

Total XP for session: 2450

July's Session Summary

Everyone in the palace is asleep as a result of a mysterious spell, later discovered as of Parhok origin.

Everyone is awakened except for the leaders: Elwind the Matriarch, Mr. Fromell and others.

After discussion and investigation, the group sets out in pursuit of those responsible for this magic.

Along the way, they encounter a group of Gnolls and Hyenas: XP: 988

The source of the magic is found to be inside a large crevice. After rappelling down a pair of Zain-kin appear above, cut the ropes and begin hurling rocks down upon the group. As they take shelter in the passage, a pit trap is encountered. XP: 250

As the group proceeds along the passage, they find a large room of four levels, shaped like an inverted ziggurat, with a glinting portal at the lowest level.

Adventure Chronicle
A blog for our campaign

Adventure log entry #1

Written by Dent

Trudging through the wilderness again. On our way to follow a lead on Anafos’ teacher. Nothing out of the ordinary, just putting one foot in front of the other hoping something interesting would happen. And just like my mother would say “Anything can happen under an open sky”. We saw some big metal bug streaking through the sky. Like nothing I’d ever seen. Big as a ship but shaped like a swamp-fly. Anafos hadn’t seen it’s like either, and between his book know-what’s and my two eyes, we know most of what there is to know. Lucky for us it crashed into a marsh area and not onto our heads. But I bet Gili could have put us together again.

We trotted ahead to find the bug stuck head first into the muck. We hopped on board to find a clear upper deck and hold. Down below things weren’t quite as pretty. Not sure the others had seen much of this kind of thing. The dead. Two Eladrin Gili said had met their gods due to the crash. Anafos and Sigelsis mucked about with the controls of the crazy ship and told us they thought something was missing. They also found books (of course they did!) that told them the names of number of the crew. There were supposedly more on board than the two that Gili found so we set out to find them.

Anafos is a nice lad and couldn’t help but laugh as he wandered around the crashed ship staring at the ground and talking to himself. Apparently he didn’t see the path through the tall grass. I pointed it out and we struck out after our quarry. The trail went cold after awhile and Sigelsis had to put us back on track. Anafos mentioned something about “Gnome Root” and that the ones we followed might be headed there. Sensing the nearness of our goal I urged the party forward and we quickened the pace.

Eventually we came to a large tree that the others concluded must have been the Gnome Root. The other three got all cautious, especially Gili, she’s always looking out for us. I mentioned that we ought to just walk on up and see who was home. This got sideways glances from the group, but I noticed that they followed close behind as I walked up to the door and rapped my hammer on the entry. We were greeted by the most annoying voice I’d ever heard. Worse than Anafos when he’s beset by some friendly tavern wench. Sigelsis talked our way inside and we entered the tree.

I wasn’t paying attention to the words being spoken as I was the tone behind them. Sigelsis and Anafos were firm and the owner of the squeaky voice was their equal. Eventually, as is often the case, words failed and several gnomes popped into the room from nowhere. They threw spells around like the contents of yesterdays chamber pot. Combat ensued and we held our own. But just as the tide of battle turned in our favor the little beggars would disappear! The last survivor blinked out of existence and we were hot on their heels.

Sigelsis got all sneaky and found the room they fled to. A complicated plan of action was decided on with Sigelsis jumping out to suprise the foe and our charging in to support him. That didn’t work out so well. Sigelsis jumped out all right but was blasted with that infernal Gnome magic for his trouble. I ran out to engage the foe and take some of the heat off the overwhelmed mage, and Gili and Anafos followed suit. We saw the survivors from our previous skirmish as well as a wee dragon. I ignored the dragon and went for the Gnomes. What trouble could such a wee thing get up to? Plenty, as it flapped in and stung Anafos, poisoning him. It was too much for our friend the Warlock as that combined with the assault from the Gnomes sent him to the floor. No sooner had he lost conciousness though, but Gili was on the spot with her words of healing. Sister dwarf proved her worth yet again. Not only with the healing but with beams of holy light which she used to scorch the foes. Eventually our blows began to read on our foes and they went down one by one. The task made much easier by a spell from the Wizard that made the foes slowly stumble and fall to the floor apparently asleep.

Again our foes blinked out of sight as the tide of battle turned against them. Some escaped but the freshly restored Anafos blasted one of our invisible foes whose corpse appeared as it hit the floor. I had had enough of this Gnomes tricks and made clear to their leader, what would happen if he made me chase him all through that crazy warren of a tree. He trembled with fear and laid down his arms. Smart choice. The wee dragon flew off, one or two of our quarry had vanished and we were left with our prisoner and questions.

Total session XP: 390 apiece


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