Planeary Adventures

June 2011

10.5 – last until Paragon! Treasure was already awarded during previous battle.

Fade in: Westfall has changed and grown quickly. Refugees from all across Aahz have come, as well as support from various places. The main army has discovered a weakness in Matriarch City, leaving only a minimal guard presence.

In revenge for the recent humiliation, Mouringlar has joined with Nighcloak to hire Beren in order to march upon Westfall. The goal is to destroy the city and, hopefully draw out the heroes.

Skill Challenge to escape lost Parhok city, get information on the Fey / Hundred Acre Woods pocket, then travel to Westfall.

An ancient Parhok wizard pulled a piece of Staima’s realm into the Underdark for unknown reasons (to drain its energy); a glowing light shines above, very much like ‘shines’ above the Lost City.

Go to pool, get key. Tapestry, use key to open final door, use lever in spriggans room to open pass to final room.

Heroes got to Westfall in time to fight Mouringlar and Nightcloak. Simeth and Mouringlar were killed. Nightcloak’s mind has been destroyed, and his body was made a thrall of Sonliin.

May 2011

Level 10 – each character awarded 14000 at end of session.

The heroes stormed the zigguraut. The entrance was guarded by two Girallons an Awakened Rot Grub Swarm and their Eladrin handler.

The swarm escaped and alerted Mouringlar to their presence.

Mouringlar acknowledged having known Simeth and offered him a place in their growing army. He refused and battle began.

The heroes trounced the dragon, but he escaped. They neutralized the portal and escaped the chamber as Zain-kin soldiers approached, having been alerted by Mouringlar.

Early April 2011

Level 9, Treasure to each character: 5240 gold

The dungeon is the foothold of an invasion force from the Far Realm. The Parhok are returning, and their allies are already in Ebullio.

The adventurers see a room with devils and cultists, led by a Gaj mindhunter from the Far Realm.

Inside the pit are Fungus covered Zain-kin are in the pit; they are tired, near death. They have been captured from the Quarry border and are to be used to power portal, further in the dungeon.

Shortly after the battle, Trilleste, the hag comes up behind them. She is defeated and disgraced, so she offers to exchange information and to act as a guide. Her offer is genuine though also no altruistic in the least. She believes that the adventurers are her best chance at survival.

Simeth executed the fungus covered Zain-kin who were trapped in the pit.

Deeper (“Blood Soaked Gate”) is the boss of the operation, Gloish, a beholder and many of his assistants from the 9 Hells. They have just fed the portal as the heroes enter.

He is allied with the Parhok and shares their impulses for domination. He is in a chamber above as the encounter begins and drifts down through the hole on his initiative.

March 2011

3800 gold to start, level 8.5

The Ruby Tower and Silverwood have been taken by Zain-kin forces. Word drifts through, however, that the armies paused before entering the cities for unknown reasons. There seemed to be some confusion in their ranks.

Special Forces Strike force
Disrupt supply lines / destroy or commandeer the portal magic
Return with reconnaissance
Assassinate Dragora, Mouringlar / leadership

Dareth’s briefing:

They’re going to have to sneak in, special forces style. Take the objective, use it to enter the dungeon.
We will drop you inside the Quarry, proceed to the old area; we believe that it is not controlled by Verbreen; we don’t know why or what you’ll encounter.

Shadar-Kai ship drops them and will return once per week for pick-up, for two months or until success or word of their deaths.

PCs are dropped off in a mountainous portion of the Quarry, far from Verbreen’s home.

Small bands of demons and gnolls can be seen in the distance, but this area is oddly quiet; they detect smoke from a fireplace.

Inside is Trilleste the hag. She knows the secret entrance word for the dungeon – it is ‘submit’ in Supernal; she also knows a bit about the devilish cult that is forming, including ‘the bug from far away’ the ‘screaming bear stolen from Staima’ and ‘my master Gloish who will transform Ebullio into the 10th Hell’ using the ancient Parhok portal to summon more allies.

The heroes fought and killed an owlbear and flaming skulls.

3800 gold at end

January 2011

Dungeons and Dragons Outline
Level 7.5: 1/22/2011

The party is huddled in Mr. Fromel’s house; Elwind the Matriarch is unconscious, Goshi disappears occasionally to observe where he left his lost friends

A mercenary force appears, guided by Gweneth the dragonborn. They are in the employ of the Resistance.

[[Mr. Fromel]] thinks that with Prithen and Son liin’s help, he can awaken the Matriarch.

One group leaves for Westfall, the other for the capital.
Prisoners are taken to Domastrus
Sneak in, rescue them, fight Domastrus
The main force is on the march, leaving the capital largely undefended. Intel suggests Domastrus himself is monitoring the activities around the Ruby Tower. This is incorrect.

Towns are willingly joining the Zain-kin

When the PCs enter the throne room, the gnomes reveal themselves shyly. ‘they hate Domastrus and everything he’s done to their people’ – but no! they’re bluffing, and hope to convince the PCs to stand in the area near the frozen prisoners. They then activate the gas trap and everyone attacks. (SURPRISE!)

Mercenary Group
Guided by Tikki
Sir Conlin
Shadar-kai – Shred
Zildun – Githzerai
Half-elf – Varis the leader

Vichy and Bootay were gnomes from Whywhy in league with the Zain-kin.

Lorne is reported to be a fairly friendly Zain-kin guard in the Matriarch’s Capitol

Value of treasure awarded to each character for level 7: 5167 gold

Elwind Rescued, Drale and Constance TakenDecember 2010

Acting on a tip from Staima, the heroes assaulted an outpost in the swampy outskirts of The Quarry. It was more heavily defended than Staima led them to believe.

After clearing the first room, they find Lady of Decay serving Zain-kin, planted into the marshy ground. After killing them before they could awake, the group poisoned the ground and prevented its future use.

They also find evidence that Elwind is being held further in the dungeon. A letter from Nightcloak:

“Queen Shephatiah,

On behalf of Domastrus the mighty and Mouringlar the living embodiment of Tiamat, we accept the gift from you on behalf of Verbreen, the fairest Lady of Decay as a further token of our alliance. We will collect the Eladrin bitch as soon as I can arrange suitable escort, undoubtedly within two days.

Yours in Decay, -Nightcloak"

The group travelled further into the dungeon and found Queen Shephatiah; they tricked her into thinking they were the envoy sent to retrieve Elwind. With the still hibernating Elwind acquired, the group departed and faced an ambush led by an empowered and fungus covered Nightcloak.

The group was outmatched and barely managed to escape. Drale fell during the withdrawl, as did Constance as she attempted to drag him with her.

Nightcloak and his gnoll allies gathered the unconscious heroes and delivered them to Queen Shephatiah where they were placed into the same magical hibernation storage that held Elwind only minutes before.

Guerilla Warfare

A lengthy war council was held with the Goshi, Constance, Drale, Son-li’in, Prithen, Jeff, Simeth who represents the 100 Acre Woods and a representative from Clintok’s Ranch.

It was decided that the party would travel toward The Ruby Tower, conducting guerilla actions along the way.

The party arrived at Silverwood and discovered it recently pillaged by a Zain-kin company.

They pursued. Shortly after, the heroes engaged and destroyed a Zain-kin squad, and captured a prisoner. While returning to Silverwood, they were ambushed by a second group, which was also destroyed.

November 2010

Dungeons and Dragons Outline
Level 6.5: 11/20/2010

For the last few months, our heroes have waged a guerilla war against the Zain-kin

Gradually, as news of the heroes success travels, their allies increase. Towns and enclaves have adopted the symbol of alliance: a Zain-kin head or skull on a pike.

Message to meet Staima on the border of her land, near Ebullio, where the Forest meets the Quarry.

PCs come upon Overlook, a pitiful Dragonborn village being assaulted by the Warden, et al

The Gnoll shows signs of the fungus and has a brute related Lady of Decay encounter power.

After the battle, Mister Fromell exits one of the huts. He reveals that “Staima” is nearby, a few miles away. A young green dragon is there and meets with the PCs. She reveals that a key strategic location of Verbreen (The Lady of Decay) has been left undefended. If they hurry, they can destroy it. Mr. Fromell leads them to near the cavern, then returns to the village.

It is not undefended, and she really wants them to attack it – not as a suicide mission, but because it threatens her kingdom and she believes them up to the task.

Flopbottom – Halfling village; vulnerable, not interested in revolt at the moment.

Whywhy – Gnome village – moderately oppressed

Lagrange – Gnome village – heavily oppressed

A total of 18800 gold was distributed during the session. 9400 before and 9400 after.

September 12 DM Session Notes

Encountered in the ancient Parhock way-station inverted zigurat room:

One devious and often invisible imp 12 decrepit skeletons 1 Gelatinous Cube 1 swarm of needlefang drakes

The group then passed through a tunnel and over an underground river, where they were further harassed by the imp. After bashing their way through two secret doors, they tripped and safely avoided a rolling stone trap before travelling through a portal into an underground swamp.

In the swamp, they encountered a shimmering boa, which swallowed Sigelsis before being killed by Anafos and Dent. The group later encountered a vine creature shaped like a Zain-Kin. It was eventually driven off, into the swamp’s deep, dark waters.

Total XP for session: 2450

July's Session Summary

Everyone in the palace is asleep as a result of a mysterious spell, later discovered as of Parhok origin.

Everyone is awakened except for the leaders: Elwind the Matriarch, Mr. Fromell and others.

After discussion and investigation, the group sets out in pursuit of those responsible for this magic.

Along the way, they encounter a group of Gnolls and Hyenas: XP: 988

The source of the magic is found to be inside a large crevice. After rappelling down a pair of Zain-kin appear above, cut the ropes and begin hurling rocks down upon the group. As they take shelter in the passage, a pit trap is encountered. XP: 250

As the group proceeds along the passage, they find a large room of four levels, shaped like an inverted ziggurat, with a glinting portal at the lowest level.


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