Matriarch's Capitol

Observations from the occupation:

The architecture of the city remains largely the same, though there is evidence of a recent fire. Previously noticed art has been stripped, the city feels modern, clean. The only insignia are portraits of Dragora, Domastrus & Mouringlar. Smells like bleach.

The information campaign emphasizes the treachery of magic and fey. “Elwind squandered the wealth and betrayed her people to Staima”

The fey creatures who have remained (gnomes, eladrin) are at best 2nd class citizens.

Every few blocks is a display of brutality: crucified eladrin, heads on poles etc… otherwise everything is unpersonal – these are associated with Domastrus images

Occasionally a ‘parade’ of marching Zain-kin passes by. Loud, synchronized etc…

Matriarch's Capitol

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