Simeth, Dragonborn Sorcerer. As yet that is really all that is really known about this envoy sent from Staima. He has said that he has been sent to join the group as a gesture of Staima’s support, and has given the group no cause to doubt that statement.

Simeth is of medium height for a Dragonborn standing just at six feet, five inches. His coloring, however, is extremely uncommon for a Dragonborn. Simeth’s face and torso are covered with red scales, but from the waist down and from the shoulders to the tips of his clawed hands the red color shifts and becomes a dark green.

Simeth, like many who have traveled down the path of the Sorcerer, eschews even the lightest of armor and instead dresses in robes. No ordinary robes, to be sure. One need look no further than his clothing for evidence of his chosen path. Simeth’s robes are actually stitched together out of enchanted pieces of parchment. This parchment is covered with arcane writings that seem to fade in and out of sight, swirling and coalescing into phrases of an ancient language.

In combat Simeth has been seen to wield two items through which he channels his power, a staff and a dagger. To the untrained the staff simply appears as a straight piece of shiny black wood. But Simeth has shown an ability to tap into its power to relieve an opponent of consciousness. The only thing that stands out about the dagger that he uses is that the blade is shaped in the form of a pair of swept back wings.


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