The Zain-kin are a race of intelligent, man-like apes who were created centuries ago by the Parhok. They lived in the Underdark beneath Ebullio for centuries and were recently discovered by Dragora and her consort Mouringlar.

The worship of Tiamat is the dominant religion of the Zain-kin, and they revere Mouringlar as an avatar of their dragon-god.

Many months ago, Dragora united the warring clans of the Zain-kin and, under the generalship of the most powerful clan leader Domastrus, invaded Aahz, exiled Elwind the Matriarch and instituted a military dictatorship.

There are at least two major categories of Zain-kin. The more human-like kind is more numerous and tends to be found in large numbers. The other is very ape-like, generally stronger, and is more likely found in smaller packs. Both are cunning, intelligent and unfailingly loyal to their leaders.


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