Dragonborn Shaman


STR 11
CON 16
DEX 10
INT 13
WIS 16
CHA 12


Gweneth is a girly-girl dragonborn, the kind that loved teddy bears when she was young, but she also loves adventure. She once went adventuring in the forest alone, and that’s when she met her spirit companion – a primal spirit in bear form! Her totem is the roaring bear totem, even though the roaring part makes her feel a bit silly sometimes.

Gweneth also met Constance once in the forest. They hit it off right away, but their paths merely crossed that day. When Gweneth hears about Constance’s situation, of course she wants to help rescue her.

What Gweneth hopes to contribute to the party is: protecting, defending, healing, and a little bit of bear hug and dragon breath thrown in for good measure.


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