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The lives of four friends quickly careened out of control when they wander a little too close to Gnome Root.
Dent the dwarven fighter, Anafos the eladrin warlock,Gili the dwarven cleric
and Sigelsis the eladrin wizard

They failed. Most died. The Zain-kin ascended, and Ebullio suffers.

A new band of heroes has formed. They are Son-li’in, Drale, Goshi, and Crepuscular and Constance. Crepuscular is currently serving as an envoy to the Shadar-kai and Simeth is working with the group.

Beren Melwasul is an eladrin necromancer


Elwind the Matriarch the eladrin queen

Staima green dragon

Verbreen the demon lady

Mister Fromell a Tiefling advisor to Elwind the Matriarch

Matriarch’s Capitol

Main Page

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